Lighting Instructions

Lighting a Tacoma Firelogs fire is easy. Simply follow the instructions below and in minutes you will have a radiant fire illuminating the room.

Step 1

Place two Firelogs on a grate inside stove or fireplace, approximately two inches apart and parallel to each other.

Step 2

Place one fire starter (round side down) between the two logs, equal distance from both ends.

Step 3

Adjust spacing on fire logs so there is a slight gap between the fire starter and each log.

Step 4

Place two more logs on top of the two base logs, perpendicular to the bottom logs, with the same two inch gap between them, creating a chimney effect for the starter.*

*Do not overload stove or fireplace. Do not place firelogs too close to glass doors. Follow stove or insert manufacturers loading instructions.

Step 5

Light the starter and wait until the logs are burning with a strong flame before you close the fireplace doors or damper vents down (5-10 minutes).

Step 6

Enjoy hours of clean burning warmth and light.