Tacoma Firelogs are 100% natural wood, fused together under extreme pressure using absolutely zero wax binders.

How It’s Made

Environmental Benefits

Our goal at Tacoma Firelogs is to promote a natural and renewable option for heating and ambiance. Burning Tacoma Firelogs is the safe, green alternative to burning cordwood or fire logs that use wax binders.

Many fire logs claim to be environmentally friendly, but the waxes used to bind these products emit harmful carbons in addition to the carbon naturally released by wood when burned. Tacoma Firelogs are bound by intense pressure, so you never have to worry about added chemicals or waxes.

While lowering our residual wood waste from our wood processing plant, we are able to create a product that is better than cordwood for the environment and considered carbon neutral according to the Kyoto Accord. Tacoma Firelogs burn cleanly with less than .5% ash residue. Burning a Tacoma Firelog releases carbon originally absorbed by the tree during growth, but does not produce any new carbon like other fire logs with wax based binders, or heat sources such as natural gas or oil.

Firelogs Specs

Tacoma Firelogs are a 100% recycled product, produced from planer shavings, sawdust, hog fuel, and other remaining wood items cast off in the wood remanufacturing process. The firelogs weigh only three pounds each, but produce over 8,000 btu’s per pound

The logs burn hot because of the low moisture content, and cleanly because no wax binders are used in production. What you get is an environmentally friendly log that is produced using only recycled wood. The low moisture content in each log allows energy to be released as heat, not as extra carbon from wax binders, or dangerous creosote buildup from cordwood.

Every box of Tacoma Firelogs comes with 8 Firelogs and two Mini-Nugget fire starters. Each log measures approximately 2 3/4″x 3 1/4″x 9 1/2″. The box weighs approximately twenty-four pounds, so it is easy to lift. Tacoma Firelogs will burn for 1 to 2 hours in an open fireplace or fire pit. In a properly vented woodstove, the Firelogs can burn for 4 to 6 hours.